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Where to buy recycled asphalt near me?


Where to buy recycled asphalt near me

Where to buy recycled asphalt near me

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Can't find cheap and high-quality material for road construction works? We offer to buy recycled asphalt - asphalt crumb, which is perfect for the construction of road surfaces with low load.

Asphalt crumb is a secondary product obtained by recycling old road surfaces. The material is obtained by dismantling the old web, crushing the resulting mass and passing through a special sieve. The cut asphalt pieces are sorted by size, after which the building material is ready for delivery to your site.

By purchasing recycled asphalt, you get a material that is ready for use at any time of the year. Asphalt chips are great for:

- dumping of sidewalks;

- repair and leveling of main roads;

- laying roads outside the city (to the garage, to the summer cottage, etc.);

- ramming of parking areas.

How is asphalt made

Recycled asphalt material is characterized by durability, ease of installation, frost resistance and resistance to temperature extremes. After paving, asphalt chips are compacted by moving vehicles.

Asphalt recycling is just that, sections of asphalt that are aging and whose useful life is over. Through the recycling process, this material is put to a new user using the same components.

Thus, this asphalt comes from roads that are replaced by new highway lines, or from certain sections that have been modified, or that come from milling damaged surfaces that need renovation.

These milling machines are roughing the floor, removing pieces of different granulometry as required for subsequent recycling tasks.

On the one hand, they can be accumulated in trailers for later use right there or in a treatment plant.

There are many combinations for the use of these machines. In this way, it is possible to perform a very simple and localized task or to create a real system of mechanized trains one after the other to carry out gigantic asphalt jobs in one go.

At present, there is a very broad field of innovation where the use of this recycled asphalt is pursued urban streets, parking spaces, sidewalks, and pedestrian green areas.

We deliver the secondary product on our own dump trucks. The choice of freight transport depends on the volume of asphalt chips and the quality of the roads to your facility. We deliver secondary asphalt on dump trucks "Sobol-all-terrain vehicle" (up to 2 tons, rear and side unloading).

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