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Recycled asphalt is an economical and ecological solution to paving your driveway. Produced by a mixture of crushed or calibrated recycled bituminous aggregates, recycled asphalt offers an interesting finish and a more than attractive quality-price ratio!

Choosing the right type of recycled asphalt

Choosing recycled asphalt is not an easy choice. Several criteria must be taken into account to ensure the quality of the coating and the duration of the work. Indeed, several products are available, and not all offer the same quality!

In particular, it is important, at the time of purchase, to pay attention to the type and shape of the virgin aggregates as well as to the workability of the mixture. On the one hand, the shape of the aggregates influences the number of aggregates necessary for the mixture and the quantity of bitumen emulsion, which will constitute the mixture to be applied: recycled asphalt. If the compatibility of the bitumen emulsion with the aggregate is not optimal, your recycled asphalt can be damaged quickly. Cracks will appear thereafter a winter, and once the water has seeped into the siding, it will only be a matter of time before potholes appear in your home.

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The application of recycled asphalt

The application of recycled asphalt requires the same application steps as conventional asphalt. First, it is important that the foundation of your driveway is suitable for the passage of cars. Unfortunately, applying recycled asphalt to a muddy surface or dirt road will not help you or save you money. To maximize the life of your recycled asphalt paver and thus reduce your environmental footprint, a crushed stone foundation is required to guarantee soil stability and reduce the effects of freezing and thawing.

Once the recycled asphalt has been applied and compacted, the last step will be to apply a "sand seal" treatment in order to protect the surface against water infiltration. As with conventional asphalt, it is strongly recommended to maintain recycled asphalt every three years using an asphalt sealer or protector. Maintaining your asphalt pavement properly will save you time and money.

Recycled asphalt for lower cost asphalt paving

Paving Stones, Flowers, Cobblestones

Paving your driveway with recycled asphalt will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your landscaping work, in addition to reducing your environmental footprint. However, it is still necessary to find an experienced contractor to carry out the work in the rules of the art and who will avoid you having to re-start the work two years later.

To get it right, don't hesitate to contact us. With more than 50 years of experience, our team will be able to assist and advise you to the best of our knowledge. Offering the option of recycled asphalt for more than 10 years now, our company has its own suppliers with whom it has developed a relationship of trust.

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