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• Asphalting of courtyards;
• Asphalting of roads;
• Asphalting of territories;
• Laying cold and hot bitumen;
• Laying asphalt concrete manually or using machines.
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Cold Asphalt Milling consists of cutting or thinning one or more layers of the asphalt pavement by means of a cold mechanical process, and it is carried out through cuts by continuous rotating movement, followed by lifting the milled material to the tipper's bucket.

The milling Asphalt should produce a seemingly uniform surface texture, on which the rolling traffic is smooth;Manhole on paving stone in street the surface should be free of differentiated bumps, grooves, continuous construction, and other imperfections when the pavement permits.

Asphalt Milling aims to remove pavements prior to the execution of a new asphalt coating, and it is carried out in areas with bad patches, areas adjacent to pots, plastic breaks, and corrugations, areas with a high concentration of cracks and other defects.

The Asphalt Milling also applies in removing existing bituminous coating on the special board works of art in areas of intense deterioration, dating pavement settlement, and how improved coefficient of friction on the slopes in high places index skid.

Asphalt Milling is also the preliminary step for recycling asphalt pavements. In the cold process, Asphalt Milling is performed without any preheating; the services described in this specification include cutting, roughing, loading, transporting, and unloading waste resulting from the milling operation.

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During the Asphalt Milling service, watering the floor should be maintained in order to allow the cutter teeth to cool and also to control dust; in order to clean the milled area, mechanical brooms with a box for cleaning receive the material.

The removed pavement is subsequently recycled, which, taking into account the materials involved, is highly beneficial to the environment. For this purpose, before carrying out the Asphalt Milling, dirt and residues from the pavement surface must be cleaned by sweeping. 

The measurement of the Asphalt Milling service must be performed by the cubic meter; the alternative to this unit is the square meter, as long as the work to be performed perfectly defined in the project.

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Asphalt Milling of Quality and Maximum Efficiency

Operating in the Earthmoving market for two decades, we are is ​​an institution specialized in this segment that stands out due to its excellent quality; in addition to Earthmoving, it also has other services, such as Asphalt Milling, asphalt paving, civil construction, sanitation, signage, conservation, etc.

We have modern machinery and trained and qualified professionals to perform Asphalt Milling services; it also provides customers with the best cost-benefit in renting high-performance equipment, such as milling machines and other efficient and modern equipment for asphalt paving with agility and competition prices.

If the customer is looking for the best cost-benefit on the market in Asphalt Milling or other services at a fair price, we are ​​the ideal company.

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