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You should resurface a Driveway Asphalt every two years, as it gets damaged over time. The actual resurfacing procedure is not difficult and saves you a lot of money by doing it yourself, rather than hiring a professional's services. Here are the basic guidelines that you should follow if you decide to have your driveway facelift.

Fill in the cracks

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Repair damaged areas, such as cracks and sunken spots. For narrow cracks (up to half an inch), you can use liquid filler. Just cut off the nozzle of the refill bottle and pour the substance into the crack, which allows it to overflow a bit. After filling the crack, use a putty knife to spread the filler bead evenly over the crack and the adjacent area.

For large cracks, erosion, and depressed areas, you can use filler paste. Apply the material using a wide putty knife, then buff around the edges with a trowel.

Apply the resurfacer

Take a paintbrush and apply a resurfacer to all edges of the driveway. Make sure you don't overtake in adjacent areas. Once you're done with that, call a friend or relative to help you with the rest of the app.

Have your friend pour some meaningful down the aisle in front of you. Take a wide wet squeegee and spread the resurfacer evenly with back and forth motions. When the resurfacer is distributed evenly, repeat the procedure with your friend. Using this simple technique, cover the entire aisle with a resurfacer and allow time to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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Scrub the mixture onto your driveway with a long-handled brush, allowing the bleach mixture to sit for 10 minutes. Wash it down with a hose, then water the driveway until you have removed the bleach solution and lingering debris. 

Pour a liquid elastomeric filler into the 1/2-inch wide or thinner cracks. Pour the elastomeric filling into the crack, working from top to bottom. Then work a putty knife over the crack, spreading the elastomeric filler to level the ground. Fix all the cracks in this manner. Fill cracks up to 1 inch wide and dips using trowel filler. Coat a putty knife with the load of the trowel and spread the load over the crack or dip to secure it. 

Open your resurfacer tub and mix it thoroughly, either by hand or using a paddle mixer. The resurfacer must be mixed well before the application will work properly. Paint the resurfacer around the edges of your driveway by hand. 

Once you have coated all the edges, you can finish the center of the driveway using a squeegee, a much faster method. Pour the resurfacer onto the aisle of the bucket. Using a squeegee, spread the material back onto your driveway to coat it. Spread the material evenly in an S shape, working from left to right. When you have more material, stop. Then pour more onto the driveway and pick up where you left off. 

Allow the resurfacer to dry completely before using your driveway. Go by the manufacturer's recommended wait time.

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