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How long before driving on new asphalt driveway?
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How to remove old oil stains from asphalt driveway?

How to remove old oil stains from asphalt driveway? Who hasn't noticed the nasty oil stains on the garage floor or sidewalk? They are ugly, present a health risk to your family and pets, can damage the concrete surface and reduce the value of your property.

 Removing asphalt stain from clothes

Start by using ice with a plastic bag to harden the asphalt on your clothes and make it easier to remove. It will be brittle, then use a spoon or pull even the little pieces that have become hard.

Then soak the area well with turpentine using a paper towel and patting it on top (don't do it near the fire!). Then pass a dry paper towel or a clean cloth patting the asphalt out of the clothes onto the cloth.

Repeat the process of wiping with turpentine and a clean cloth until you see that nothing is leaving the cloth or that the stain is gone. Anyone who wants can replace turpentine with vegetable oil or alcohol.

Liquid soap

If the stain is gone, soak the stained spot with liquid soap and rub the spot gently with a brush, taking care not to spread it further. Then wash as you normally do at the temperature indicated on the label.

How to patch asphalt?

How long before driving on new asphalt driveway?

How to repair asphalt cracks?

How much does a ton of asphalt cost?

How To Clean Asphalt

Stain remover

If the stain persists, use a Vanish stain remover specific to the color of the fabric. Wait for the minutes indicated on the packaging label. If the stain does not come off, use a little alkaline laundry detergent on top of the area and rub it gently. Then wash in the machine normally.

If the stain has not disappeared with the wash, soak it in chlorinated bleach (if it is safe for clothes) or oxygenated bleach. Then rinse and wash again.

Use cat litter (or sawdust) 

-Spray a layer of cat litter (or sawdust) over the affected area to extract excess oil from the concrete.

How to remove old oil stains from asphalt driveway?

How to remove old oil stains from asphalt driveway?

-For best results, leave the cat litter (sawdust) for a day or two.

-Now, spread a layer of dry cement over the site.

- Again two days for the cement to remove more oil.

-Remove the dirty cement.

-Now make a paste of detergent and water.

-Cover the stain with this paste.

-Use a steel brush to completely remove the stain.

-If necessary, add more detergent paste and water.

-Rinse well with a large amount of water.

It is a more expensive way to do it, but it can give good results.

A leaky car, a motorcycle, or a lawn mower can damage your garage floor.

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