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How to remove oil stain from asphalt driveway?

Asphalt gives us a lot of headaches when it comes in contact with clothing. If we drop the asphalt, it is already lucky that the clothes survive, as they tend to tear due to the hardness of this material. However, if the clothes do not tear irremediably, it is more likely that we will have a difficult stain in hand.


Removing asphalt stains is like measuring strength with one of the stain champions. But with a little luck and morning, the victory is ours.

The best defense is to attack the stain as soon as possible, however, don't worry if you see the stain later. There is always a way to remove them, whatever their degree of difficulty. The first step is to rub the stain with a brush, so that the excess comes out without getting the stain in the fabric fibers. Then, as with all difficult stains, opting for pre-treatment is always the smartest approach.

How to remove oil stain from asphalt driveway

How to remove oil stain from asphalt driveway


My first suggestion is to start by applying a bit of sweet almond oil, margarine or butter on the stain with a soft, clean cloth to soften the stain. Allow it to act for a minimum of thirty minutes to ensure a better result. This method, although effective, has a small drawback: at the end of this approach, you will have to treat this stain as you treat fat stains. Therefore, it will be replacing a difficult stain with a slightly easier one. In this case, this is a preferable situation.

How to repair asphalt cracks?

How much does a ton of asphalt cost?

How To Clean Asphalt

How hot is asphalt?


Then (and always taking into account the indications on the label of the garment in question) put it in the washing machine with a measure of a good laundry detergent, in order to obtain effective results.


A good suggestion will be to use the New Liquid Ariel, as it usually has good results with difficult stains. If you are cautious and want an extra safety net, before putting the garment in the machine, you can soak it in a bowl with cold or warm water, with a measure of detergent, for a period of thirty minutes to sixty minutes. If necessary, add an appropriate bleach measure to delicate clothing that protects the colors.

It can seem like a lot of steps and a lot of things to take into account, however it is not as complicated as it may seem. It is actually very easy to defeat an asphalt stain on the clothes, despite all their hardness and dirt. See how your clothes regain their initial shine. If your clothes resisted falling without being torn, it is because they survive the asphalt stain; thanks to you everything for your clothes, all the possible tips for you.

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