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How to lay asphalt yourself?

The most popular material for paving roads and sidewalks today is undoubtedly asphalt. This is mainly due to its unique physicochemical properties and characteristics. Using asphalt as a road surface is a practical and simple solution. Asphalt itself is quite resistant to environmental impact , and also has high wear resistance.

A properly prepared and laid asphalt road will last a very long time. In addition, asphalt pavement is well suited for paving small paths, entrances to residential buildings ... How to lay asphalt with your own hands?

There are several distinct stages in asphalt paving. First step: excavation and preparation of the platform. Then on the compacted crushed stone sand mixture they begin to lay coarse-grained asphalt with the compaction of the layer with a special roller. After laying coarse-grained asphalt concrete (grade KZ-7 or KZ-10), laying of fine-grained asphalt begins. One of the most popular brands of asphalt is B10 asphalt concrete.

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How hot is asphalt?

Let's look at the stages of paving

  1. Earthworks stage. Before you begin, you will need to assess the amount of work, draw up schemes for the location of paths, entrances and exits. Among other things, it is important to take into account the location of underground utilities and the characteristics of the land. This will allow you to correctly calculate the drainage system so that you will not have problems with the disposal of sewage in the future.

The initial stages of the work consist of removing the top layer of soil. Soil removal is done with special equipment (bulldozer, excavator, grader).

How to lay asphalt yourself?

How to lay asphalt yourself?

How deep will the soil need to be removed? This parameter depends on many different factors and mainly on the destination of the asphalt road. If you are going to create asphalt paths, it is sufficient to remove 10 to 25 cm of dirt. The greater the expected load on the future asphalt surface, the more it will be necessary to prepare the pit in depth.

Be sure to plan for such a time: when it rains, water should flow into the drainage system and not collect on or under the asphalt. The excavated soil layer must be removed from the asphalt area even before the asphalt paving. Because during the rains, water will erode the soil and enter the drainage system, clogging the gutters. You will need a roller to compact the soil and gravel.

  1. Preparation of the base for asphalt paving. To look good doing it yourself you need to lay a solid foundation. The base of the pavement can be hard ( road slabs) and not rigid ( sand, crushed stone or gravel). In the event that the load on the roadway is not high with low traffic intensity, these basic parameters will suit you. In the area of ​​the entrance to the house fill in crushed stone with granite of fraction 40-60 mm... (layer thickness 15 cm). For paths and pedestrian areas, a backfill of 5 to 10 cm will suffice, crushed stone requires settlement and compaction, as well as even distribution. After laying the large crushed stone, the next is laying the granite crushed stone of a finer fraction of 20-40mm. Its thickness is about 10 cm, the last layer is river sand ... It is advisable to overturn all the flooring with water so that it settles and becomes more durable.

Compaction of the preparatory layer can be carried out with vibrating plates or special laying rollers. The quality of preparation of the base for asphalting is directly related to the service life of the future coating and its strength.

For the preparation of the base for asphalt can also be applied reinforced concrete slabs and / or a concrete foundation poured from concrete in situ. This method of preparation for paving is rarely used because it is much more expensive in terms of cost. Asphalt paving with reinforced concrete base made during the construction of runways in the aeronautical industry.

As materials for the bases of asphalt surfaces, broken stone and ordinary brick ... When using broken bricks, it is important to ensure high packing density. This foundation will be strong enough to successfully withstand heavy loads. However, laying stones and broken bricks takes time because the process itself is laborious.

Stone-crushed sand mix preparation phase also includes the installation of side stones and curbs. Edging is important not only from a decorative point of view, but also necessary to prevent asphalt creep and maintain pavement integrity. For small paths, small curbs can be installed.

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