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How to fix crumbling asphalt driveway?

How to fix Crumbling Asphalt Driveway? Over time, the asphalt driveways will start to crack and crumble. Repairing a ruined driveway can be a daunting task, and it will take a lot of time and patience. Fixing a crumbling asphalt driveway can be a challenge.

Repair cracks

Dig out any pieces of asphalt and broken material near the cracks with a wire brush or masonry chisel. Apply the load after the cracks are completely clean.

Fill depressed areas

Clean up depressed areas, which are small depressions that cause puddles to appear in the driveway. They must be clean before filling them. Sweep up any dirt or use the pressure nozzle on the hose to spray the grease or oil. Use detergent or cleaner if the materials will not come off with the hose. Fill in the depressed areas. Using a trowel, carefully spread the cold patch material into the depressions, making sure to fill it level to surrounding surfaces. Make sure the patch is smooth, then use a metal shoe to tamp it down.

Patch Potholes

Clean the area of ​​dust, dirt, or debris around the hole and surrounding area. Place the cold patch material into the hole to a depth of 2 inches. Tamp the material as firmly as possible. For best results, back and forth over the material with your car tires. Fill in the lower areas with any remaining cold patch material to make these areas even with the rest of the driveway. Allow the area to dry 12 to 36 hours before crossing it and two to five days before sealing the driveway.

Seal the aisle

Stir in the sealer carefully to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together properly. Apply sealant to small sections of the driveway. Allow small cracks or areas that are extremely weathered to soak in the sealer. Erect barriers in front of the driveway. It is very important that the sealant can cure for 24 hours before vehicles enter the driveway.

Once the repaired product has fully cured, you can apply the sealant coat. Be sure to mix the sealer well using a wood pallet or drill-mounted mixer. Starting from the highest part of your driveway, apply a thin coat of driveway sealer. Use a squeegee to get the asphalt pores to fill properly. Pull the squeegee out, applying sustained downward pressure to thin the sealer layer as a thick layer will not harden in the proper way and may crack. Take the squeegee and make passes using a back and forth motion, then be sure to slightly overlap each pass of the squeegee. Before using the driveway, wait 24 hours for the sealer to harden. On a beautiful day, the entrance is ready for pedestrian circulation in 4 hours.

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