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• Asphalting of courtyards;
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• Laying asphalt concrete manually or using machines.
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A subtle mixture of sand, spinning, asphalt aggregates and native bitumen, asphalt is a highly prized surface for roads, courtyards and driveways thanks to its perfect waterproofness , its high resistance to bad weather, its smooth and non-slip finish as well as its antiseptic character which prevents the development of foams. But despite its recognized strength, this material can also deteriorate due to its intensive use. The appearance of a crack is possible. However, you can obviously repair it using different techniques.

Small crack: easy and less expensive solution.

Rough stone pavement with green grassPermanently exposed to sunburn, frost, extreme cold and the weight of vehicles, the asphalt pavement may one day crack. Even if it is a small crack, you must intervene quickly to prevent your coating from deteriorating even more. The sooner you react, the more the problem does not get worse. It's simple, prepare a special plaster to fill the crack. To do this, mix asphalt with rubber. The mixture should be more or less liquid depending on the size of the crack. Let it dry for a few hours, before using your asphalt yard again.

Large crack: Repair it with an asphalt repair putty.

Cracks, cracks or holes in the asphalt can cause water infiltration and erosion which can accelerate the deterioration of your yard. To remedy this, opt for the cold asphalt mix which is specially made to repair a large crack or pothole in the asphalt. To prepare the mixture, you just need to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Then clean the surface to be repaired and pour the preparation into the cavity. Then compress manually. Finally, place a wooden panel on the repaired surface and ride your car over it to finish.

Asphalt sealer is also an effective product for repairing the very large crack. Begin by cleaning the surface by removing weeds, oil stains, dirt or debris. Then proceed to seal the cracks to prevent water infiltration. Finally, apply the protective sealant to prevent chipping and to have a flat and uniform surface as in the original state of your yard. Your asphalt pavement will of course regain its dark black color.

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