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How long before driving on new asphalt driveway?
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How to asphalt driveway?


How to asphalt driveway? Making a driveway is one of the last things you think about when building a new house. The driveway deserves a little more attention, however, because it largely determines the look of your home, since it is it that your guests see first.

Making an aisle is no easy task and requires good preparation. The aisles die hard but still have to last a long time. We generally choose to build a driveway in gravel, asphalt or paving stones. But it all depends on your preferences and your budget.

The secret is in the preparation

A successful driveway is one that blends in harmoniously with your garden layout and is strong enough to withstand the regular passage of cars. Most of the time, alleyways also mean plantings, such as trees or shrubs, and it is best that you think about this before taking measurements and choosing materials. A good tip: draw a plan and use it as a starting point.

How long before driving on new asphalt driveway?

How to repair asphalt cracks?

How much does a ton of asphalt cost?

How To Clean Asphalt

How hot is asphalt?

Create a gravel driveway

Making a driveway with gravel depends on the weight your driveway will have to support. Start by digging aCrop faceless people walking on creative pavement trench, which will prevent sags or unevenness. In general, the trenches are filled with rubble or briquaillon (bricks or crushed stones). Allow a layer of 20 to 25 cm, which you will compact with a vibrating plate compactor. You can also opt for a road roller, which is an ideal tool for exerting strong pressure. This will give you a waterproof, stable and smooth driveway. Then spread the gravel, allowing a layer of 5 to 6 cm.

The advantages: inexpensive, aesthetic, soothing, easy to repair, ecological and simple to make.

Cons: very easily deformed, dirty (at least for certain kinds of gravel), noisy, requires regular maintenance and must be closed on the sides.

Create an asphalt driveway

An asphalt driveway consists of a solid trench (earth), a foundation (sandblasted cement, lean concrete, briquaillon or layer of stones), an asphalt underlayment and a top layer. Asphalt is currently available in different colors.

Strong points : solid and relatively inexpensive, both for installation and for maintenance.

Cons: easily deforms (ruts, tree roots), the top layer gets dirty over time, limited lifespan.

Create a paved driveway

Pavers are available in different sizes and colors, molded or not, stone or wood… You are spoiled for choice. A paved driveway is built in several layers: a solid trench (earth), a foundation (sanded cement, lean cement, briquaillon or stones), a bed of sand on which the pavers are placed and, finally, the filling of the joints with sand or with a joint product.

Pavers can be laid in different ways. There are two kinds of pavers: porous concrete pavers, which filter water through their pores, and permeable pavers, which allow water to flow between them, through their joints.

The advantages: a remarkably long lifespan, aesthetic, a varied assortment, easy to install.

Cons: requires closing the sides, less comfortable for the feet, sensitive to deformation.

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