how much does asphalt cost

how much does asphalt cost?

How much does Asphalt Cost? The driveway paving undergoes a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis as a result of traffic, temperature changes, and the adverse effects caused by freeze and thaw cycles.

Although certain types of materials ensure a long lifespan, at some point, it becomes important to re-enter. Here is an overview of the materials available to you, with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Entrance paving materials and their costs

Asphalt, uni-stone, and concrete are the materials most often used for paving the driveway.


The asphalt is the most affordable option among the three choices. However, compared to others, its lifespan is much shorter (around fifteen years). If it has a good granular foundation, it can last up to 20 years. On the other hand, asphalt requires more maintenance than concrete.

Paving stone

The uni-stone is a mixture of sand, cement, and aggregate. Although it is more expensive at the time of installation, in the long run, it will cost you less. If properly maintained, its lifespan can extend up to 30 years. This material is installed in blocks so that if the ground moves, it can be moved to level the ground. Once the problem is solved, just put the blocks back in place.


Poured directly on the ground, concrete requires the same procedures as paving stones. Its lifespan is also similar. While it is possible to have several colors and patterns with concrete, uni-stone allows a greater variety of options in terms of textures to use to decorate your driveway. Since asphalt costs less, to save money without sacrificing aesthetics, you can install a few sections of uni-stone.

This mixture of materials is inexpensive and gives very good results. You just have to let your imagination run wild! Regardless of the material chosen, it is important to have a good drainage system in its entry, and the contractor must make sure to give a slope of at least 2% to prevent puddles from forming, and water accumulates, especially after periods of rain.

A significant presence of water could indicate that there is a problem with your driveway, whether it is with the drainage or the paving. In the long run, this could lead to more serious problems. According to the sites we visited for this post, here are approximate prices. These exclude excavation.

Typically, the price of residential asphalt paving ranges from $ 3 to $ 10 per square foot. However, note that this is an estimate. To determine the exact price of your asphalt paving, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The depth of the excavation;
  • The type and thickness of the gravel;
  • The thickness of the asphalt layer;
  • The expertise of the company;
  • The quality of the work sought;
  • The materials and labor required;
  • Etc.

Another important factor that will influence the price of the work is the type of asphalt. Indeed, it is important to choose a type of asphalt that corresponds as much to your needs as to the characteristics of your land.

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