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How much does an asphalt driveway cost?

How much does it cost to asphalt a driveway?

How much does it cost to asphalt a driveway?

How much does it cost to asphalt a driveway? Tarring or coating is part of the land development work. They help to improve the practicability of terrain by applying a layer of asphalt to the surface. This is the process used for the construction of roads, pedestrian or driveways, and parking lots.

Average price per m2 of asphalt

The cost of asphalt varies from one site to another. It takes into account several criteria such as the surface to be paved, the quality of the ground on which the coating will be carried out, the density (in granules) and the thickness (number of layers required), the color, and the composition of the coating. The complexity of the work that being said, another solution is often considered, especially for car parks and driveways. It is simply a concrete slab, a solution that is easy to install and economical.

On average, it is estimated that the price of asphalt is between 15 and 60 dollars / m2, installation included, for a standard thickness of 5cm. It is above all the nature of the materials used and the technique applied which will influence the price, in addition of course to the importance of the site.

Price of a hot mix asphaltum

The hot coating technique consists of heating the hydrocarbon material (tar, bitumen, or asphalt) to a temperature of around 150 to 180 ° C so that it melts; then, the molten substance is mixed with gravel and sand before being poured onto the ground. It is delivered by a dump truck, dumped into hollowed-out soil, and then compressed.

The realization of a hot coating is quite complex since the liquid texture of the mixture makes it difficult to mold; it requires the use of specific equipment as well as the know-how of a professional. This type of asphalt is perfect for driveways (parking, road, driveway) because it is stronger and more durable. Its main disadvantage is that its realization gives off a lot of smoke, and therefore it is not recommended if people with respiratory diseases live nearby.

Among the hot mixes, we find bituminous concrete, draining asphalt or gravel bitumen. The price of a hot mix varies on average from 35 to 55 dollars / m2, installation included.

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Price of a cold mix

The principle of the cold mix is ​​more or less the same as that of hot mix with one difference that it is produced at room temperature, which facilitates its handling as well as its installation.

Cold mix is ​​mainly used on a temporary basis for maintenance, repair, or renovation and not for tarring or coating itself. Indeed, cold asphalt is not very strong, and its life is not very long. It just helps to catch up with wear and tear accidents such as cracks, holes, trenches, or frost imperfections.

Price of a draining asphalt

Drainage asphalt has the same appearance as standard asphalt; it is just very grainy, which prevents the formation of puddles or the stagnation of water on the soil surface. Unlike conventional asphalt, it produces very little noise when passed over it, but its use is not recommended on steep roads since it favors the formation of ice

The price of a draining asphalt is in the range of 45 to 55 dollars / m2, installation included.


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