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The price of a mix varies from $ 30 to $ 50 / m² for hot mix and from $ 25 to $ 35 for the cold mix. The price of a mix goes from 40 $ to 60 $ / m² for a colored material and from 45 $ to 55 $ for a draining compound. The cost of laying a mix goes from 60 $ to 120 $ / m², laying and earthworks included.

Note: these indicative prices, taken from various specialist sources, consider current standards (excluding earthworks and soil preparation, estimate calculated on 200m²).

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How much does a ton of asphalt cost?

Type and area are the main parameters that influence the cost of your asphalt project. However, it is necessary to determine other elements to refine your budget:

  • Aesthetic.
  • Earthworks.
  • Technicality.
  • Use.
  • Accessibility.

The most durable and best drivable solution for driveways, property entrances, yards, or parking lots, asphalt is a material that offers immense possibilities. Depending on its thickness and the nature of its components, an asphalt mix can respond to technical, aesthetic, or both considerations.

Price of asphalt per type

You will quickly realize this if you are looking for a quote for your asphalt; there are 2 main families of asphalt. These 2 solutions have different functions, implementations, and aesthetics. To determine the type of asphalt suitable for your project, it is essential to understand what separates hot asphalt from cold asphalt.

How To Clean Asphalt

How hot is asphalt?

Price of a hot mix

How much does a ton of asphalt cost?

How much does a ton of asphalt cost?

Asphalt is traditionally a hot-handled product. The mixture, composed of aggregates and a binder (bitumen), is brought to approximately 160 ° C, or even 180 ° C, in the factory. This temperature allows a perfect bond between the aggregate and the bitumen.

The challenge is then to transport the mixture to the site without it cooling. Curtainsider dump trucks are used, which can prevent the mixture from cooling. If the site is very far from the asphalt plant, you can even use a heated bucket that can keep the mixture at over 160 ° C for several days.

Hot-mix has undeniable advantages:

  • Very adherent.
  • Very durable.
  • Passable.
  • Easy to compact.

Therefore, hot mix asphalt is recommended for the following works :

  • Driveways.
  • Routes.
  • Access routes.
  • Paths
  • Interior courtyards.
  • Parkings.

Even though the hot mix is ​​geared towards large-area projects and generally drivable (where cars can drive), you can use it anywhere you want as long as you have access to the dump truck.

The advantages of warm asphalt are:

  • Performances identical to hot mix.
  • Requires less energy.
  • Less polluting.
  • Less harmful to workers.

If your project requires applying a hot mix, be aware that the work is relatively intrusive, that there is a very temporary release of odors, and that it is better not to let your pets run free.

The price of a classic hot mix can vary from $ 30 to $ 60 / m² . and the price of a standard cold mix goes from 25 $ to 35 $ / m².

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