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Asphalt waterproofing is a process that subcontractors use a sealer to prevent deterioration of your driveway past the point of no return. This is a protective layer on top of the asphalt, which thus seals cracks and prevents rain and chemicals from eating away at the asphalt. Where you live and how your asphalt driveway was originally installed will determine how often you need to have this service. You may need a seal coat every year or every 5-10 years. Asphalt located in areas with harsh climate changes will need waterproofing coating more often than those located in a mild climate. The good news is that asphalt waterproofing is inexpensive and doesn't take more than a few hours to complete. Without a sealer, your asphalt driveway can deteriorate in several years.

The part of the country you live in will be the primary determinant of the cost of sealing your driveway. Prices arePatch, Paving Stones, Road, Away, Stonesgenerally between $ 0.12 and $ 0.20 per square foot in most parts of the East Coast. It is relatively cheaper in other areas. It costs around $ 0.08 - $ 0.12 in parts of the Midwest and the rest of the country. The more square footage you have of adjoining buildings, the higher the cost will be because these areas cannot be sprayed. They should be brushed on so labor costs will be higher. A particularly dirty driveway, especially one that has oil stains and other chemicals staining the asphalt, may be more costly due to prep time. The asphalt driveway must be clean and free of contaminants in order for the asphalt mastic to be bonded.


An average 10'x50 'driveway with minimal prep work will cost between $ 60 and $ 100 to seal. Even if you have to do that every other year, it is still cheaper than having your driveway repaved every 7-10 years for around $ 2- $ 3 per square foot. It would cost $ 1000- $ 1500 for the same aisle!

Patch, Paving Stones, CobblestonesYou cannot join a newly paved driveway for at least 6 months after it has been planned. The oils in the asphalt must dissipate before sealing can occur.

The cost of asphalt waterproofing can vary with the price of petroleum since the use of the subcontracted equipment is made from petroleum. If the price of waterproofing a driveway seems high, it may be because they have to pass over the high cost of the sealant to you. If you have a particularly large or dirty aisle and want to save a few dollars, then you can always prepare the aisle yourself. All dirt and grass should be outside. Oil and other chemical stains should be completely dry. Pressure washing your asphalt driveway is a quick and easy way to prepare for sealer.?

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