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How long does it take for asphalt to cure?

A road surface is essential for all personal and commercial use. Whether it is for your home or business, it is desirable to have a smooth, crack-free coating. 

Asphalt adds additional curb appeal, but a properly installed asphalt mix is ​​all about safety. Processed at 130 ° C, hot mix asphalt also promises good durability to the coating.

Overall, a good asphalt pavement leaves a good impression and a good appearance. So what could be better than a hot mix for a coating that lasts over time?

A coating may need to be replaced along the way. Or if you don't have one, you might want to have it installed. The question is then: 

Time required for hot asphalt paving

Many factors are involved in the laying and hardening of hot asphalt. 

Typically, residential walkways are completed within one day . Considerable advantage: once pulled, the hot mix is ​​immediately functional. Indeed, no drying time is to be observed on the traffic lanes.

How long does it take for asphalt to cure?

How long does it take for asphalt to cure?

It is time to smooth and compact the hot mix. Whether you are a professional hot mix asphalt paver or occasionalinstallers, MisterAsphalt guarantees you installation assistance.

Note: the aisles are not all the same shape and size. You need to know the area of ​​the affected area and the complexity of accessing it to know how long the work will last. In hard-to-reach corners, a mobile plant can save you time by fabricating and bringing the asphalt as close as possible to the paving site.

Requirements for rapid installation of hot asphalt

Apart from the surface, the meteorological weather also plays a determining role in the laying of hot asphalt. In fact, it is especially during hot periods that hot mix asphalt is most effective. 

Therefore, spring and summer are the right seasons for the installation of a hot asphalt driveway.

The larger the surface to be covered, the longer the laying time of the hot mix. For a competent team, laying from A to Z for 10 tonnes takes one hour.

Hot mix asphalt paving time at a glance

In short, the weather conditions and the surface area of ​​the site must be taken into account before undertaking a coating project. 

If you want to lay hot asphalt for your driveway, outdoor parking lot or yard, contact a hot mix specialist: think of us !

To maintain your driveway and outdoor parking, you can schedule regular cleaning of the road.

Remove waste and debris:

Dirt, stones, garbage, dead leaves, grass clippings and debris should be removed regularly. Otherwise, moisture accumulates under these piles and is trapped there. 

If cracks are present, moisture can find its way to the base of the pavement, leading to erosion and eventual destabilization of the base. 

In addition, certain types of vegetation and inks used on paper products can stain your pavement.

Methods used to remove debris include leaf blowers, sweepers, power sweepers, and professional sweeping services offered by many asphalt companies. 

A regular garden hose or a pressure washer set to a low level can also be helpful in some situations.

How to repair asphalt cracks?

How much does a ton of asphalt cost?

How To Clean Asphalt

How hot is asphalt?

Avoid or clean automotive fluids:

Virtually all automotive fluids are derived from petroleum. Petroleum products tend to unite when they come in contact with each other. 

Hot mix is ​​also a petroleum product, so when other petroleum derivatives try to combine with it, they have to break it down first.

This results in a softening process which leaves the hot-mix asphalt pavement crumbly and easily damaged, even by light traffic. 

Quality sealants slow the penetration of automotive fluids, but the fluids eventually eat away at the pavement and begin to degrade the pavement. 

Have an efficient evacuation system:

Another measure as part of your hot mix asphalt maintenance is to ensure that all drains, gutters and sumps allow water to flow freely from the sidewalk. 

Clogged drains can force water to pool on the surrounding sidewalk. In addition to the risks presented by puddles, they can conceal damaged pavement.

In addition, dirt or debris that has been washed away by the waters of your sidewalk can be redistributed and concentrate in piles.

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