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The paving streets and sidewalks have become increasingly common. Before, only the Government and large companies requested this type of service. However, it has become popular in condominiums and even among people in general who want to have a paved part of the house.

How much does it cost to asphalt?

There is no way to know precisely how much it costs to asphalt. This is because, as you saw above, several variables are taken into account when closing the final value. From the materials, to the dimension of the project.

The average price of a linear meter for asphalting per ton was $ 350 m2 .

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To know how much it costs to asphalt you need to make an average of values applied in your region. To do this, contact at least three nearby companies that work with this type of service and request a quote.

Then just add these three values ​​and divide by three. That way you will get the average and can do the calculation.

Let's assume that the project will cost $ 350 m² including all standard processes, labor and materials. The area to be paved is 150 m².

All you have to do is multiply the value per m² by the meter. The calculation would be as follows

350 x 150 = 52,500.

That is, the total value of the work would be R $ 52,500. This does not include additional processes such as curb placement, installation of rainwater drainage system, sidewalks, among others.

It is important to make it clear that this is a simulation made with fictitious values. To find out how much it costs to asphalt, contact the companies and make the average price to calculate your work.

How much it costs to asphalt: Understand the budget factors

To know how much it costs to asphalt , it is necessary to understand the main factors that are evaluated in the formation of prices. Check it out below:

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One of the factors that weighs in any work is manpower. It can commit up to 40% of the total budget.

This is because paving requires specialized labor. Especially if it involves the use of differentiated materials.

For example, environmentally friendly materials are currently being used more and more. And they need different procedures, so they end up being a little more expensive.

Land preparation

The preparation of the land also directly influences the paving budget. After all, it needs to be fully earthed to receive and asphalt blanket.

Even a good part of the expenses will be related to this stage.

One important thing is that in this case you need a thorough assessment by a professional in surveying . Only he will be able to determine in detail all the characteristics of the terrain and identify possible problems that hinder paving, such as groundwater close to the surface.

Soil drainage

Soil drainage is also a very important aspect of paving budgets . After all, without a proper system you run the risk of having a number of problems with water accumulation.

Many companies offer the budget already including this process and system. However, depending on your project type, this step may not be included.

So, make sure that the need for a drainage system is implied in the request. That way you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

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