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How long does asphalt take to dry? Diluted Petroleum Asphalt (ADP's) make up a line of asphalt used in the intermediate stage of paving, known as priming. Priming is applied on the base that will receive the pavement, which is usually composed of gravel, clay, or cement soil. It may suffer variations in the designation or even composition depending on the region where the pavement will be built.

ADPs are classified according to the speed of cure. The ADPs commonly marketed are the Rapid Cure and Medium Cure types, which receive CR and CM terminology, respectively.

  • fast cure (CR) - solvent is gasoline or naphtha; Curing Time is 48 Hours
  • medium cure (CM) - solvent is kerosene; Curing time is 72 Hours

Spilling a cement sidewalk is a laborious project, but the process is not complete until the surface is properly cured. Curing maximizes the strength of the cement and involves slowly drying the surface. Once the cement has been spilled, you can walk on the sidewalk after two days, but you must wait about six days before driving a vehicle on it. Healing Stages

Curing the concrete slab in stages. It reaches half of its strength within ten days of pouring and full strength after 27 days. A typical 5 - 8-inch garage slab is strong enough to support a car after six days if climate and humidity levels are ideal. If you have a large SUV or truck, wait 48 days before parking on the cement.

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How long does asphalt take to dry?

Slow- Drying

It can feel cement to slow -dry counterintuitive If you are eager to use it, the process increases its life and strength. Adding consistent moisture to freshly poured cement expands the cement crystals so that they can fully harden around aggregates and sand particles. A simple way to decrease - dry is to place the breathable fabric on the sidewalk and wet it with a hose. Moisten the fabric twice a day for the first week so that the cement absorbs moisture gradually.

Optimal temperatures

Unless you are using cement formulated for cold weather, wait until temperatures are between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit to pour a garage. If it is hotter than 90 degrees, the cement can dry out quickly, leaving a fragile surface that will chip and break easily. Avoid pouring cement in late fall or early spring, when temperatures can drop below 50 degrees at night as the cement will not set properly in cold weather.


As the final step in installing a driveway, the healing process can be tempting to skip. Neglecting to maintain continuous moisture levels can cause damage that requires more money and effort to repair. For example, an improperly cured slab can quickly develop fine cracks throughout the pavement. The thin layer of cement paste on the surface will dry into a powder that the chips wear out.

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