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Our service include driveway paving, blacktop, brick, tactile or concrete paving and much more:
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Our services

• Asphalting of courtyards;
• Asphalting of roads;
• Asphalting of territories;
• Laying cold and hot bitumen;
• Laying asphalt concrete manually or using machines.

We provide our services for all your asphalt, Paving and uni-stone paving needs in Alabaster, excavation and concrete curbs. Our paving and landscaping services are provided to the residential, industrial, commercial and municipal industries. With our expertise in the field, we can provide you with quality work, irrespective of your project's size. Whether for asphalt, paving, the building of low walls, the shipping of stone as well as the use of sealant-protector. We are convinced of the quality of our job. That is why all our jobs are ensured. Additionally, we provide the estimation service free of charge and with no obligation on your part. Just contact one of our paving pros.

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Asphalt at Garages and Parking: We asphalt streets in urbanizations, paths, accesses, industrial property, perimeter and inside of warehouses. We asphalt private garages and owners' associations, shopping centre and office parking lots.

Resins and Particular Pavements: We employ all sorts of resins, and we disperse coloured asphalt, drainage mixes and small mixes. We seal cracks in roads and roads to delay premature ageing of the pavement. We carry out the maintenance of the sidewalk of urbanizations, communities, shopping centers, companies.

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Over the years, we have developed our expertise and experience. We are proud to offer you a complete assortment of quality Paving paving and landscaping solutions to the residential, commercial, industrial and municipal industries in Paving, Alabama. Looking for paving businesses near you? Reach out to us directly by phone or email. You could also connect with us on a quick message with the button below. We look forward to talking with you!

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?​ For a builder, you can finally rely on!


By doing business with us, you benefit from an superb quality-price ratio for work carried out according to the transaction rules.EMERGENCY WORKWe also supply emergency work during winter. If you don't understand what to select between concrete, paving asphalt or stone, all you've got to do is ask us to get information.

Paving Paving, Asphalt, Concrete And More:

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Our job is performed conscientiously so as not to have to be redone!
Our Commitment And Mission: Our commitment is to contribute to our nation's progress. By presenting various all-natural areas (coast, jungle and mountains ) with diverse climates, we've allowed us to determine the particular use of the various levels of asphalt to each area's weather conditions. Our mission is to produce and present to the marketplace lines of asphalt products for waterproofing, thus supplying the national market quality goods and solutions and new developments adaptable to our customers' needs.

Build Right, Construction You Can Rely On:

Asphalt Paving Corp provides lateral restraint into the asphalt, which boosts the resistance to rutting. As well as structurally reinforcing pavements, Asphalt Paving Corp can also build new roads and not just in the layer. Every residential or commercial asphalt paving job is exceptional. So are our solutions. Contact us for a fast and free quote. At Asphalt Paving Corp we are devoted to reconciling work and family. We know how important the seconds we can spend with our loved ones have for everyone, we believe our firm as one huge family and we do everything possible to facilitate conciliation for our workers. This makes us function better and much more comfortable.It has carried out various tasks associated with the building sector, like the rental of machinery, the usage of asphalt and paving or urban gear. You can contact us through this site or see our Glendale, Arizona facility.

Residential: Homes, Condos:

Creating your vision come true; is that which we do.From start to finish, Asphalt Paving Corp supplies you with an impeccable customer encounter. No sellers with us! With you and supply you with a free, no-obligation quote. Thus do not be afraid to get in touch with us with confidence for more information.

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Commercial: Computers And Commerce, Terraces:

Have the assurance in knowing that we'll get your project going.Our team gives you fantastic experience in asphalt fix and fix, both in partial and total repair. Be aware that you may also call on us for urgent repairs at the winter.

General Masonry Service

Building the future.Restoring the past.We are happy to be in the service with our firm, where we're oriented to the demands of the form of construction which our clients need and based on the specific characteristics that mark us.

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In Any kinds of Intense ConditionsThe construction of streets boosts the states' progress because it frees growing their various pursuits like industry, agriculture, agriculture, mining and tourism. As a result of this procedure, higher sources of work have been created, and also a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE is attained.


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Specialists In All Kinds Of Asphalt Paving Works:

To guarantee adhesion (adhesion) of this coating and base layers, we process the inherent foundation layer with strictly polymeric-bitumen emulsions, anionic and cationic classes. Apply the emulsion with an auto-aspirator using a metered spray. This allows you to attain even distribution with a binder consumption of 0.5 l / m2. Some builders neglect the treatment of this substrate. But, bitumen emulsion performs not just a binding purpose but also a waterproofing . A compact and high-quality emulsion does not allow water molecules to pass through and prevents the formation of pits.

Our experts - about puddles about the new asphalt

Asphalt paving concept is as old as the world. On the other hand, the past 15 years have created significant modifications in the science of street construction. New, improved types of special equipment have emerged; smart road building apparatus, contemporary materials, and polymer powders. In addition to the above, leading road companies started to utilize the techniques of correlation and regression analyses to locate factors which have a positive effect on the degree of work. Our business is continually monitoring new study within the subject of asphalt paving. We use the most recent creation of asphalt pavers using an automatic system for ensuring lateral and longitudinal slopes. Read the original company testimonials. Look closely at official awards. Research licenses and certificates. Choose the best. Work with the best. Let us be fair. In building, there are builders that disappoint customers. Such performers also exist in the road sector. You have to know who to get to order the laying of asphalt.

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Why should you entrust us with new Commercial paving?

Because we were entrusted with the work and other respected legal entities which very responsibly approached the choice of the contractor, and they were satisfied with their choice.

Asphalt Paving Corp is a recognizable brand in Enterprise-the US, associated with high-quality work. The name of the company obliges all employees to achieve the perfect result. The main goal is to provide all clients with the durable and most optimal road surface, based on the needs and the allocated budget of the client.

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What makes us stand out from the competition?

  • Availability of international and state awards;
  • Full package of licenses and international quality certificates;
  • A large number of mentions in the media;
  • Prestigious portfolio;
  • Reviews from leading companies (clients);

New Commercial paving in Enterprise- the US is carried out by qualified and trained road crews on the staff of the enterprise. We do not save on labor costs and material reliability. At the same time, the company's pricing policy remains competitive. Primarily due to:

  • Own full fleet of special equipment;
  • Asphalt produced in our or partner factories;
  • Efficient logistics;
  • Optimized and correctly compiled estimates;

Our Asphalting Process

In order to competently carry out the laying of asphalt concrete, a large number of machinery, equipment, materials, and human resources are involved. It is necessary to strictly follow the construction technology and the prescribed standards. The process of creating an asphalt pavement includes several stages:

  1. Site preparation. Cleaning from debris, stones, leveling the surface.
  2. Creation of the main layer. Crushed stone or gravel on a sand cushion is used as a foundation. In some cases, concrete is used, but it significantly increases the construction period.
  3. Laying of asphalt concrete mix. Bitumen is poured onto the base, which is gradually compacted and leveled. For this, a roller or manual analog of this machine is used.
  4. Final finishing works. At the end of the construction, curbs are created along the edges of the road, or the asphalt is declared by other elements.

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Rules and regulations

All requirements for the asphalt laying procedure are reflected in the state documents. Each customer can independently familiarize themselves with the documents on the official government websites. There are three basic rules for styling:

  • Do not lay asphalt in the rain, snow, bad weather, or on a wet surface;
  • Do not use bitumen with temperatures below 60 degrees;
  • Do not work at temperatures below 10 degrees;

Modern technologies make it possible to lay some types of asphalt at temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius.

Where To Order An Asphalting Service Near You?

We do turnkey Commercial paving using high-class equipment and quality materials. The company complies with the technological process and provides a warranty for work up to 1 year.

Our services

  • Asphalting of courtyards;
  • Asphalting of roads;
  • Asphalting of territories;
  • Laying cold and hot bitumen;
  • Laying asphalt concrete manually or using machines.

The price for the entire scope of work depends on the coverage area, layer thickness, and the type of bitumen mixture used.

The cost of laying asphalt on a turnkey basis depends on the amount of work, estimate, and is discussed personally with the client.

To order asphalting at your site, call the hotline or order a call back on the website. We work 7 days a week so that you can always improve your territory.

CALL US TOLL FREE NUMBER: (855) 912-0075

Product Certificates - The high quality of our services is based on the use in the process of work, only certified products and materials.
Availability of licenses - Our company is one of the few on the market that performs all types of road works while having all the necessary permits and licenses.
Manufacturer prices - By contacting us, you are addressing directly to the contractor, without intermediaries. Our prices are always 15-20% below market prices.
A complex approach - One of the main advantages of our company is an integrated approach to work performance. When ordering a service from us, you order it on a turnkey basis, from project to delivery.
Free call of a specialist to the object - Possibility of a free call of a specialist to the object to discuss the details and calculate the price.
Free price calculation - The ability to order a free price calculation for the work of our company.
Own technique - Our company has its own park of all the necessary equipment for road works. This guarantees the timely execution of orders in full.
A large staff of specialists - The company has enough specialists to complete any type of asphalt work on time.

CALL US TOLL FREE NUMBER: (855) 912-0075

What can be asphalted: You can order full or partial asphalting and construction from us:

  • highways;
  • adjoining territory;
  • parking for shopping centers, shops;
  • sites in the private sector;
  • asphalt repair of holes, cracks;
  • parking lot in front of the house;
  • arrivals/exits from highways and highways;
  • entrances to SNT;
  • entrances to the house.

We will make any of your sites beautiful at real prices. We will lay the asphalt pavement quickly so as not to leave large highways idle for a long time. The skill of the road repair and asphalt paving specialists is enough to pave a good track with a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Paving streets with stones

Paving streets with stones is very commonly called street paving. This service provides for the laying of stones, which can be of different materials - such as cobblestones - to pave streets. They are fixed to the ground with mortar, forming a consistent surface that allows car traffic. The average price charged by specialized companies for paving or paving streets with stones is R $ 65,000.00 for 100 meters of street.

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Paving with stone for sidewalk

In the case of sidewalks, paving usually takes place with other types of stones, such as Portuguese or miracema. The mason needs to level the ground first and apply mortar before laying the stones. The average price charged for paving with cobblestone is R $ 3,500.00 for 20m² using Portuguese stone and R $ 2,600.00 for 20 m² using miracema stone.

Stone paving for swimming pool

Another place where paving with stones is needed the area around the pools. Non-slip and anti-thermal stones should be used, as the place is walked by people without shoes and probably wet. The average price of paving with stone from the pool area is around R $ 12,000.00.

Stone paving for garden or backyard

Also, gardens and backyards may need the service of paving with stone, mainly to demarcate the passable paths in the grass and vegetation of the space. It is common for this to use stones like basalt and Portuguese. To make paving with stone in the garden or yard, using basalt stone, a professional will charge approximately R $ 4,600.00 for 20m².

From the construction of low walls to the development of exterior walkways, Asphalt Paving Corp is the partner for all your landscaping masonry projects!

  • Stonewall construction
  • Creation of garden paths (paving, gravel)
  • Creation of driveways (hot mix)
  • Shale Palis
  • Staircase and external steps
  • Schist wall
  • Stonewall
  • Stone border
  • Paving on the terrace, on grass

These arrangements will allow you to obtain a unique result! Your garden will be like no other, and you will benefit from my expertise as a professional landscaper to take care of your new decor.

Contractors & Paving Companies Near Me

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In our guide to Contractors and paving companies near me, you will find all costs related to paving services, as well as 4 free estimates.

Your flooring is the focal point for your home or business. Create the first impression for visitors and passersby, and appeal adds value to your property. If you want to build or repair your pavement, you should consider the following factors that involve design and function.

Choosing a paving contractor

When the idea of ​​building or repairing a pavement occurs to you, you start to think of the best contractor to work with. Find a reputable vendor with strict procedures, technical expertise, specifications, and installation at your disposal to ensure you get world-class services.

Placement considerations

An added benefit of working with a reputable paving contractor is that they can help improve and preserve the aesthetics of your landscape, including rocks and trees. The contractor must be careful when locating the driveway as it must be away from trees and shrubs whose roots can affect the pavement in the long run as they grow. In mountainous areas, the driveway should be strategically designed to fit the terrain to avoid unsightly cuts.

Also, before signing any contract, make sure the agreed thickness levels are at the minimum compacted thickness as this can change during the paving or repair process.

Preparation of the subgrade surface

The subgrade is the base of the pavement structure, as well as the platform that supports the construction equipment. Therefore, you need proper compaction, grading, material selection, and subsoil treatment with a soil sterilizer to inhibit the future growth of vegetation.

The contractor must perform a visual assessment to identify the adequacy of the elevation and load bearing of the existing underground soil. The pavement design should be based on these examinations in conjunction with the experience of similar pavement products.

Before grading, make sure all underground utilities are protected or relocated, while all of the topsoils must be removed and low-quality soil must be improved with additives such as asphalt, lime, or granular materials.

After the process is complete, a large truck is driven to indicate any weak spots. If the subgrade is extremely poor, the top of the subcategory should be removed and replaced with a selected material. When completed, the contractor must ensure that within 10 feet, the graded sub-grade does not deviate from the stated grade by more than one-half inch.


Light-duty trucks and cars are the most common traffic on a driveway, while heavy trucks use pavements from time to time, for example, a ready-mix concrete truck or construction delivery truck. If heavy trucks must use the driveway, you can wait until the ground and pavement are frozen or dry.

  • Roads

Paving the paths for your outdoor space makes it not only functional but also decorative.

  • Roadways

Paving driveways, garage, or basement ensures that it does not warp when too much pressure is applied, for example, to vehicles.

  •  Around the pool

You can pave around the pool area to make it slip-resistant, therefore safe.

  • Patios

You can pave your patio to expand your outdoor space for your outdoor activities and give it a classic look.

  • Is the surface level or unkempt?

This will help the contractor determine the required preparation, e.g., grading. This can help you write the final quote. A sloppy road will cost more than a level pavement. A flat road can cost you roughly more than $ 64 per square meter on a level surface, but the same company can charge more than $ 74 per square meter for a sloppy surface.

Environmental Commitment

Through our environmental indicators and objectives at Asphalt Paving Corp, we develop plans for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Among the various actions that we are carrying out to contribute to the preservation of the environment and improve our environmental performance, the manufacture of asphalt that incorporates recycled material from the milling of the old road pavement, as well as the manufacture of semi-hot asphalt, stand out or low temperature. With these actions, we have achieved in recent years a considerable reduction in the consumption of resources and consequently a reduction in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

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Asphalt Paving Corp is the largest seal coating company in the United States and an industry leader in asphalt restoration, asphalt pavement, parking facilities, seal coating, and repair.

Asphalt Repair - Coating and Overlay

It is recommended when the asphalt surface is weak and requires strengthening by introducing a new layer of asphalt.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Our specially formulated sealant coating material protects asphalt against deterioration from gasoline, oil, battery acid, road salts, sun, and water.

Striping parking

It can provide us with everything you need for pipe and structural installation, base installation, paving, concrete installation, and containment.

Concrete Sidewalks, Curb, and Repair

We install, repair, and can upgrade all concrete elements of any paving project, including ADA ramps and upgrades.

Asphalt Milling / Milling Machine

The removal of large areas of asphalt with an industrial grinding machine.

Asphalt Mix and Mill In Place / Full-thickness Recovery

A sustainable, profitable means to fully rehabilitate a parking lot

ADA Parking Lot Compliance

Driveway maintenance lets you navigate through basic ADA parking compliance.

The Importance Of Paving In Enterprise- The US

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Paving roads, streets and paths is a priority today. It is thanks to this layer made of different materials that allow the passage of vehicles and people safely. For all this, the laying of flooring has always been important but is currently a priority.

Having streets and other paved spaces means promoting the development of cities or towns. The pavement allows accessibility and mobility in these areas, which brings benefits such as a greater flow of goods, visitors, the practice of new activities related to trade, and the generation of more economic resources.

Road infrastructure and paving

Thinking about road infrastructure or a road without pavement is impossible. Hence the importance of building first-rate works, with quality materials, as well as providing land roads made of asphalt mix, the necessary maintenance to contribute to their good condition. All this for the benefit of users.

Advantages of paving

Having paved roads and roads reduces travel times since both pedestrians and vehicles can move easily and quickly through the population and nearby areas. Another important aspect is the creation of direct and indirect jobs for towns and cities.

Having more paved areas also benefits nearby urban areas. In this way, bottlenecks and traffic can be avoided at certain points, this thanks to the fact that there are more exit routes or access to places where there was only one before.

Related to the movement of local merchandise, the paving of roads and highways allows to carry or bring products in less time from ports, railways, and airports, or border areas.

The objective of this company is to continue providing services to the public and private sectors in the areas of design and sale of asphalt mixtures, as well as to lay and to lay. You can now quote and request information on these services in our on-demand Infrastructure section.

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We have an important laboratory for the quality control of hot mixes, incorporating state-of-the-art instruments to support the different types of the mix that are made, both continuous conventional type as well as the discontinuous type (high-performance mixes). Each material that enters the plant is analyzed in order to achieve the expected quality in the elaborated mixture.

We have specialized technicians who continuously develop variants and tests in asphalt mixtures together with national organizations that ask us for collaboration, in addition to being present at each exhibition of the Asphalt Congress.

Best Asphalt Paving Company:

Our main activity is based on all types of road works, whether it is the movement of floors, concrete pavements, construction of curb, asphalt pavements, reconstruction of the cobblestone road, interlocking, pothole works, milling of asphalt concrete folders, provision and placement of asphalt concrete layer, construction or recovery of sub-base and structural package, construction of sidewalks, placement of ramps for people with special abilities, horizontal demarcation.

The commitment to think about the best floors is not resolved with the sale, but on the contrary, we are talking about an integrated plan that aims at durability and resistance.

With Asphalt Paving Corp, you can have what other companies in the area do not have and will never be able to offer. The flooring we have hired has years of work and different experiences of solved faults, thus bringing a level solution.

The proposals of Asphalt Paving Corp are open to all groups of users and customers who own a house and intend to make it more elegant. By calling Asphalt Paving Corp, you will have the option of making a choice and the expertise on the construction of the floors yours, taking into account the savings that are certainly part of your choice.

As part of an Asphalt Paving Corp, we find an assortment of options and possible choices, which will stand out as a real dream for those who decide to choose us. By calling immediately and having an idea of ​​how to renovate the floor, we can go to the side of those who thought the best for the floor and asphalts.

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With Asphalt Paving Corp, which we have created, there is the security and the guarantee that only a high-level company will be able to guarantee you at the favorable price you expect from a partner. The company is one of the safest partners you can deal with since the company bases its business on a transparent relationship with users.

The Asphalt Paving Corp gives you the concrete and asphalt works that can affect the walkable areas while remaining within reasonable spending margins. If you need to work for walls and walls with flooring carried out in the safest way, both in terms of ecological gradient and in terms of perfect aesthetics, you have come to the right place.

What we show you with the Asphalt Paving Corp is designed just for you, who need to give the walkable spaces a pass again. Together with us, you will be able to immediately evaluate which are the most important points and the critical issues for paving to understand if there is a way to organize. With the help of experts, many properties in the area have been polished, thanks to the professional commitment of our workers.

The teams working for the Asphalt Paving Corp will be able to complete the paving work quickly and safely. We have always been active in the flooring market and in the surrounding area, at the service of a working idea that concretely includes all the elements of the house.

With a kind of procedure that organically combines our skills, in the company we will improve the quality of your floor through the use of the best sands and asphalt.

Write to us or call us if your interest goes in the direction of the Asphalt Paving Corp, which gives lasting substance and follows you in every area of ​​the renovation. Through the help of our experts, you will be close to an option that will bring you benefits and savings that are felt.

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