About Us

From The Manufacture Of Asphalt Mixtures To The Execution Of Singular Building Projects

A Historical Leading Company In The Sector

We have been in the construction sector’s business for over a decade, specializing in the construction of roads and highways as well as in the execution of asphalt pavement reinforcement. Later, it expanded its activities towards civil works in general, building and carrying out road maintenance and operation services.

Today it develops all kinds of infrastructure projects for civil works and singular buildings for both public and private clients.


Our R + D department works on the development of new materials and technologies and the application of innovative and sustainable manufacturing and commissioning systems.

Qualified Teams

Our staff is highly qualified. Also, we have a large machinery park with facilities to manufacture bituminous mixtures, spreading equipment, agglomerate transfer, trucks, workshops, and laboratories.

Customer Satisfaction

We achieve our clients’ satisfaction by listening and solving their current and future needs and respecting the contractual agreements.


In an increasingly competitive market, our products and services’ quality is an essential strategic factor for our company.

Job Security

Work activity is easier, more productive, and more satisfactory when there is an adequate context for preventing accidents and occupational risks.


Promoting awareness and correct environmental behaviour among our workers contributes to respect for the environment.


Our team of technicians and salespeople use asphalt 4.0 technologies and processes to perform jobs with maximum efficiency and quality.