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Call us for any sort of paving job done, We are one of the most trusted Paving contractors in multiple cities of USA.
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Our service include driveway paving, blacktop, brick, tactile or concrete paving and much more:
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How To Harden Asphalt Millings

Our services

• Asphalting of courtyards;
• Asphalting of roads;
• Asphalting of territories;
• Laying cold and hot bitumen;
• Laying asphalt concrete manually or using machines.
Toll Free Number: (855) 912-0075

Explore the best free activities you can do while in town to plan a trip that saves cash and has a memorable time at the same time.

best paving company in Charlotte

Tour the birthplace of President James K. Polk

Visitors can also experience authentic furnishings and recreations at this State Historic Site or explore the kitchen and barn separately for a closer look at life during the 11th presidency.

Enjoy art at the Charlotte Public Library.

The Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Public Library (PLCMC) main branch feature rotating exhibits, and a complete renovation was done in 2017 to modernize the facilities.

Walkthrough the UNCC Botanical Gardens

The gardens and McMillan Greenhouse at the University of North Carolina Charlotte are free to see and explore. The outdoor gardens are open seven days a week during the day.

See Native American art at the Stanly County Museum.

Located in Albemarle, the Stanly County Museum presents Native American artifacts and information about this area of ​​the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

Known as the 'Land Between the River', Stanly has a vast history dating back over 10,000 years. Its current residents share a passion for protecting and sharing the city's rich cultural heritage.

Hike at Reedy Creek Park

Part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Department of Parks and Recreation citywide projects, Reedy Creek Nature Park and Preserve is one of the city's treasures.

This nature reserve has fishing and 10 miles of trails and serves as a habitat for 109 species of birds, 15 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles, and 12 species of amphibians.

You can even explore a small part of Charlotte's history here by discovering the cabin ruins and the remains of the Robinson Rockhouse.

Go underground at the Reed Gold Mine.

Midland, North Carolina, was one of the major cities affected by the North Carolina Gold Rush of 1799, which occurred after a 17-pound gold nugget was discovered in the county of Cabberus.

Transport at the North Carolina Museum of Transportation

Located on the site of what was once the Southern Railway Company's largest steam locomotive repair facility, the site features an authentic train depot, vintage cars and a 37-bay Roundhouse that includes 25 locomotives, dozens of wagons and other display areas.

Explore The Light Factory

For the past 40 years, The Light Factory has been home to exhibits highlighting traditional photographic, digital and cinematographic techniques. The gallery has a rotating exhibition schedule featuring emerging and established works from artists.

Picnic on Crowders Mountain

For adventurous, outdoor travellers, you can spend the entire day at Crowders Mountain State Park, but note that there is a small fee to stay overnight at one campground.

Alternatively, you can fish in the wooded lake in the park center, provided you have your fishing permit. Rock climbing, bouldering, picnicking, and hiking are also big draws for visitors from all over.


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